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FAQ and help center
1.Registration and login
2.login Forget password
3.Posting buying leads and sending inquiries
4.Posting selling leads and quoting
5.Message center

FAQ and help center


Welcome to the FAQ and help center of LookChem.com---a virtual marketplace for buyers to Look for Chemicals and for sellers to Look for Chemical customers.
If you fail to find the answer here, please leave a message to our service people, thanks!

1.Registration and login
1) How can I register and become a member of LookChem?
You can register as a member by clicking “Join Free” in the homepage of LookChem. Please follow the steps below:
     1. Choose the country/territory your business is located in.
     2. Select if you will register as a Supplier, Buyer or Both.
     3. Click "Continue".
     4. Enter your email address and create password, your email address will be used as username for future login.
     5. Fill in your contact information in English and click "Submit" to be registered,
     6. Please note the items with red star * are required fields that you must fill in.

2) What can I do after registration?
You can still browse the web pages as a visitor. However, you can access your member panel after registration where you can post selling leads and/or buying leads. You can also edit your profile, upload your business license and certificates, etc. For full functions, please check your member panel.

3) Is there any other channel that LookChem system will register me as a member?
Yes. When you are to post buying leads or leave messages to any suppliers in LookChem, our system will ask you to enter your email address and create a password, as well as other basic contact information. LookChem will automatically register you as a “Buyer” member while you are posting buying leads or leaving messages at the same time. By owning a free membership, you can manage your online messages from suppliers easily. You may edit your profile in the member panel so that the suppliers in LookChem can contact you promptly and precisely via other methods.

4) Why can’t I login LookChem using my registered email and password?
There are many reasons that may cause your failure in login.
     1. Cookie error. If you encounter a cookie error, please resolve it following rules from Windows;
     2. It may be due to the disabled account. It may be that your account has been deleted by administrator of LookChem because of abuses like      spamming etc.
     3. It may be caused by the server errors. In this case you may try to login a little bit later.

2.Forget password
1) How can I get back my password if I forget it?
No worry. If you forget your password you can not get the old password back, but LookChem can send you a new password. You can simply click “Forget Password” in the homepage of LookChem and enter your registered email address. Our system will automatically send an email to your email address and you need to activate the new password by clicking the link in the email. Please do not forget to change the new password that is randomly assigned by the system, and keep it in the safe place for future use.

2) How can I change my password if I get my new password assigned by the system?
You can go to your member panel, i.e. My LookChem, to edit and change the password.

3.Posting buying leads and sending inquiries
1) Who can post buying leads?
All the registered members of LookChem can post buying leads.

2) How can I post buying leads?
Posting buying leads is easy in LookChem. If you are already registered, please login first and then you can post buying leads in your member panel. If you are not a member yet, you can still post buying leads by clicking the banner in homepage. Just follow the instructions. Please note by posting buying leads this way, you have also been registered as a “Buyer” member.

3) How can I send inquiries to suppliers?
You can send inquiries to the suppliers you selected whenever you click the “Inquire” button and/or “Message” channels on the web pages. If you are already a registered member, you can login and then send inquiries to your selected suppliers. If you are not a member yet, our system will automatically register you as a member while you are sending inquiries to suppliers.

4) Who can view the buying leads I have posted?
Only the registered premium members can view the buying leads you have just posted. This is to ensure the quality of suppliers to satisfy the purchasers in LookChem.

5) How can I edit or delete my buying leads?
You can click the “Manage buying leads” in your member panel, you can edit or delete your buying leads that you have posted earlier.

6) Why shall I be registered as a member when I am inquiring or posting buying leads?
The purpose of registering is to facilitate you to manage your online messages you have sent out and the replies that suppliers will send to you, thus you can make full use of the online message system of LookChem.

4.Posting selling leads and quoting
1) How can I post selling leads?
In order to enable you to post selling leads, you need to register as a Seller or Both (Seller+Buyer) first and then login to your member panel. In the member panel, you can post selling leads. There are two methods of posting selling leads: post a single lead or post in batch.

2) How can I post selling leads in batch?
You can choose the “Leads in batch” channel in your member panel, please follow the steps below to post selling leads in batch:
    1. First please download an Excel file format by clicking the orange button below;
     2. Fill in your products information in the downloaded Excel format, please pay attention to the fields names on the format and make sure you edit the      contents under proper field name.
     3. Once the excel file is finished and saved, you may upload this excel file. It may take some time to upload the excel file depending on the size of it.
     4.  After finishing uploading, your new leads will be put under “Approval pending” and you may edit there. Your selling leads will be displayed to           buyers within 24 hours after being checked and verified by our service people.

3) How can I edit the selling leads that I have just posted?
You can go to the channel “ Manage selling leads” in your member panel, you can readily edit or delete the selling leads that you posted earlier.

4)What is the purpose of “Refresh leads”?
In the channel “Manage buying leads”, you can refresh your buying leads. The purpose of the refreshing is to make your products rank better in our search results. The present system setting offers that you may refresh your leads twice a day.

5.Message center
1)What is the function of the message center?
The message center of LookChem is just like general mail or message system, it is simple and self-explanatory. There are four folders, i.e. Inbox, Sent box, Trash and Smart leads match.

2)What is “Smart leads match”?
“Smart leads match” is an intelligent software that matches buyers’ buying leads with suppliers’ selling leads. This function helps buyers find quality suppliers efficiently and conveniently.